Birdsville Races

Internationally renowned, there is no event like the famous and historic Birdsville Races. An iconic event since 1882, the Birdsville Races brings local residents of the outback together with visitors from across Australia and around the world. It’s a time and place where horses, riders, families, and friends gather in Birdsville for two days of racing and outback excitement!

An Iconic Australian Sporting Experience

Pricing from $5,349 per person

This morning, you will depart from Bankstown Airport to head towards Birdsville. Depending on which aircraft you decide on, your journey will vary significantly.

Travelling in a Chieftain aircraft for a more rough and ready experience with no air conditioning, you will require multiple fuel stops enroute as this is a lower altitude aircraft that is non pressurised. The alternate option is a King Air which is far more spacious, air conditioned, quicker and a smoother ride.

Your flying route with the Chieftain will be:

Departing Bankstown at 0700hrs

Arriving Cobar at 0855hrs (flying time 1hr 55mins)


Departing Cobar at 0930hrs

Arriving Tibooburra at 1100hrs (flying time 1hr 30 mins)


Departing Tibooburra at 1145hrs

Arriving Innamincka Township 1235hrs (flying time 50mins – local time 1205hrs – Central Australia Time)

Your flying route with the King Air will be:

Departing Bankstown at 0800hrs

Arriving Innamincka Township at 1015hrs

Here, you will literally stroll from your plane into the Innamincka Hotel for a countertop lunch. The Innamincka Hotel, first popped up in 1885 and was a refuge for drovers, pastoral workers and shearers who, believe it or not, used to ride their bicycles up and down the Strzelecki track looking for work.

The pub survived until 1952 when the entire town virtually closed when modern transportation methods meant the town was no longer a viable concern. Its assurance as a ghost town was confirmed in 1956 when a massive flood swept through the area virtually demolishing any remaining buildings.

The pub’s revival came in the 1970s with a surge in 4WD vehicles and people wanting to explore the outback. Santos also discovered oil and gas in the area which further boosted the town’s resurgence.

Following your pub meal (payable locally), it is back to the aircraft.

Chieftain Schedule:

Depart Immanincka Township at 1600hrs (1530hrs Central Australian Time)

Arrive Birdsville 1655hrs (flying time 55mins)

King Air Schedule:

Depart Immanincka Township at 1500hrs (1430hrs Central Australian Time)

Arrive Birdsville 1540hrs (flying time 40mins)

Upon arrival in Birdsville, your pilot will position the aircraft ready for you to set up camp underneath.

Set up your tent under the wing of your plane and settle in for two days of racing mayhem!

Overnight underwing camping

Over the next two days, you’ll witness all the fanfare and excitement of a typical racing meet, superimposed on the dramatic and dusty desert landscape. With $200,000 prize money on offer, you can bet the racing is serious. The early races may have attracted nearby stockmen and property owners – and both still feature heavily in winners’ lists – but the modern field is full of national and even international entrants vying for the prized Birdsville Cup.

Situated three kilometres to the South East of the town the track itself is on a claypan alongside the sand dunes. The track is 2000m in circumference with the longest race, the 1600m Birdsville Cup, starting in the back straight. All starts are on the course proper with the exception of the 1000m, which starts from a chute. Birdsville is one of only four tracks in Queensland that run anti-clockwise.

Crowds of over 6000 racegoers celebrate the carnival each year enjoying two days of quality outback racing and three great nights of live entertainment. Other entertainment includes the RFDS Cocktail Party, RFDS Fun Run, Fashions on the Field, Fred Brophy’s Boxing Troupe, a variety of food vendors, a giant auction, and much more.

Overnight underwing camping

Today you will depart Birdsville and fly back towards Bankstown.

Your flight schedule if travelling on the Chieftain will be:

Depart Birdsville at 0730hrs

Arriving Maree at 0900hrs (flying time 1hr 30 mins – local time 0830hrs – Central Australia Time)


Departing Maree at 0930hrs (0900 Central Australia Time)

Arriving Wentworth 1135hrs (flying time 2hrs 5mins)

Your flight schedule if travelling on the King Air will be:

Departing Birdsville at 0800hrs

Arriving Wentworth at 1015hrs (flying time 2hrs 15mins)

On arrival at Wentworth, you will be met and transferred down the Murray Darling River for a fishing experience. Board your 15 seater boat at Wentworth pier where to will depart and cruise the junction of the Murray and Darling river for 4 hours. All fishing equipment will be provided. Enjoy a cold lunch onboard with a few beers. From there, it is time to return to your aircraft and continue on back to Bankstown airport where your journey ends on arrival. (L)

Your flight schedule if travelling on the Chieftain will be:

Departing Wentworth at 1800hrs

Arriving Griffith at 1920hrs (flying time 1hr 20 mins)


Departing Griffith at 1950hrs

Arriving Bankstown at 2125hrs (flying time 1hr 35mins)

Your flight schedule if travelling on the King Air will be:

Departing Wentworth at 1700hrs

Arriving Bankstown at 1900hrs (flying time 2hrs)


• 4 days chart aircraft hire including crew and crew allowances

• All landing and aircraft camping fees associated with Birdsville Races

• Private transportation in Wentworth

• Private fishing experience including boat, fishing equipment and lunch in Wentworth

• Aviation fuel charges, landing fees

• All currently applicable taxes, fuel and maintenance, air navigation and airport charges, handling

• Passenger insurances


• Meals and beverages not mentioned above

• Personal travel insurance

• Expenditure of a personal nature such as drinks, souvenirs, laundry, tipping etc

Fuel price surcharges

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